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Welcome to hairremovaladvice.com - your one-stop source of authentic information on the various hair removal methods that are in vogue. This site gives you detailed information on all these - the advantages and disadvantages of each - and helps you pick the one that meets your specific needs.

All of us like to have healthy and luxurious hair - but not when it starts growing in areas where we would rather like to be hairless. This applies particularly to women whose hormonal imbalances result in hair appearing around their chins, or who find themselves growing moustaches! That is the kind of growth we call unwanted, and that demands permanent and painless removal.

There are several methods for removing hair from body parts such as the face, the underarms, the pubic area, the legs and the hands. Some are temporary, while others provide a permanent solution. Among the temporary methods in use shaving is a prominent one. It is also the most frequently used, and one that requires minimum equipment. Threading is a method used in beauty clinics for removing facial hair. Hair removal through chemical depilatories is another. This method uses chemicals in which the hair simply dissolves.

Hair removal through abrasives is an old method that is gradually falling into disuse because they irritate the skin. There are also eflornithine creams in the market for removing facial hair.

However, the methods listed above offer only temporary solutions. There are also some long-lasting solutions, such as hair removal by laser With newer, cost-effective techniques coming up it is also becoming more affordable.Our site discusses the procedure in detail, including the target tissue that figures in the surgery.

Two other methods provide long-lasting relief. These are electrolysis and intense pulse light therapy.

As you surf through our site you will also find sections on hair physiology and hirsutism that go into the "why" of it all. What are the factors that cause unwanted hair growth in some and not others? Why do some women grow moustaches and not others? What does the research say? Read on.
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